Endorsements for Dusty Pierpoint

John Mansfield  -  Former Police Chief, Lacey Police Department

Sam Reed - Former Secretary of State of Washington

Ralph Munro - Former Secretary of State of Washington

Washington State Farm Bureau PAC

Jesse Orndorff – Executive Director, Thurston County Republicans

Andrew Barkis - Washington State Representative

Mainstream Republicans of Washington

Log Cabin Republicans of Washington

John Snaza  - Thurston County Sheriff

Ronnie Roberts - Former Police Chief, Olympia Police Department

Larry Dickerson - Former Police Chief, Lacey Police Department

Gary Edwards - Thurston County Commissioner, Former Thurston County Sheriff

Debbie Edwards - Yelm School Board Director

Lenny Greenstein - Lacey City Council

Virgil Clarkson - Former Mayor, City of Lacey

Graeme Sackrison - Board Member, North Thurston Public Schools / Former Mayor, City of Lacey

Barbara Clarkson

Tom Nelson - Former Mayor, City of Lacey / Retired Lacey Police Department

John Wyman

Jeff Powell

Lan Phan Jones

Dr. Jerry Pospisil, DVM

Mark Kelly

William G. Moore

Dan & Mary Weiss

Gloria Mayoh

Luong Van Nguyen

Buford O. Furrow

Herberta Gray

Glenda J. Felker

Jocelyn Newman

Peter Lea - Owner, Pete Lea Automotive

Dick Nichols

Thomas Allen

Patrick Beehler

Jocelyn Newman

Michael Marohn

Charles Isaacson

Former State Senator Dino Rossi

Washington Affordable Housing Council

Steve Rood - Principal, Yelm School District

Brian Wharton - Superintendent, Yelm School District

Ed Sorger - Former Chief of Police at Evergreen State College

Bruce Bjork  - Chief, WA Fish and Wildlife, Assistant Chief  WA State Patrol, Retired

Jim Tuggle - Sergeant, WA Fish and Wildlife

Lora Johnson

Scott Schlatter

Eugene Schlatter

Scott Brewer

Tracy Leckenby

Chuck and Mary Hallett

Lowell and Dacia Gordon

Troy Kirby

Gary Alexander - Former Representative for WA State

Mel Low - Former Fire Chief at East Olympia First Department

Michelle Wickett

Frank Kirkbride – Commissioner, Lacey Fire District #3

Ruth Weigelt

Judy Wilson - Former Fire Commissioner, Lacey Fire District #3

Jeff Blume

Larry Blume

P.T. Seifert

Thomas B. Pote

Ron Rants

Chuck Hornbuckle

Lucy Jean Hannigan-Ewing

Thomas Carroll

Charles Issacson

Mike McKinnon

Eric Iverson

Robert Howard

Michael Meacham

Gerry Ellison

James Philips Jr.

Dorothy Milholin

Stewart Ridgeway