We are part of thai society and we work to advance the wellbeing of everyone in our nation. That is how we began and how we shall progress into our shared future.

Central Group is committed to sustainability because it benefits our customers, our partners, our business, and our nation.


Central Group has always recognized, from the time we founded the first department store in Thailand, that we have a significant social responsibility in advancing the wellbeing of the Thai people. As we progress into the digital era the principles remain as important as ever.


Central Group’s values are rooted in those of the founding generation. From the beginning more than 70 years ago, when Tiang Chirathivat began to build the business up from a single Bangkok general trading shophouse, we have been governed foremost by family principles. This has become the natural core of our sustainability commitment. In real terms it means being reasonable in our projections, realistic in our ambitions, and resilient through awareness of risk.


Being integral to Thai society means that we meet the diverse needs of our customers, employees, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, local communities and the public sector. Our success stems from the wellbeing of these groups: if they prosper, so too, do we.


The concept of “Centrality”, which we define as “being beneficial to the people”, is core to the organization. More than just a label, this is our customer-oriented strategy, as we have Centrality teams in every city to engage with local communities. The teams work in three Centrality dimensions, namely Customer Experience, Employee Engagement, and Creating Shared Values. Using this template they initiate projects planned specifically to benefit their communities.

Sustainability Approach

We believe that it’s not just who you are, but how you do things. Our sustainability approach reflects our values, framework, strategy, and priorities. Together, as individuals, families, communities and nation, in every way we prosper.

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Central Tham Projects

Central Tham projects are founded on the vision of Creating Shared Values, or CSV. The CSV model brings businesses and society together, creating sustainable economic value in a practical way, supporting the communities by downstream to upstream methods.

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Sustainability Report

Central Group uses a system of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as the guiding principle behind our societal and environmental strategies, and we maintain a system of reports to ensure that our sustainability objectives and programs are shared between the business units and that they are satisfactorily accomplished.


The Chirathivat family, founders and main owners of Central Group, are the founders of Tiang Chirathivat Foundation, a non-profit organization that invests time, expertise and resources into helping support Thai society.